Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Bunny

These hopping bunnies are ready for Easter.  It was fun to make.  My favorite part are the whiskers.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ruffles away...for my purse

I made this purse this weekend. It seems a little heavy with all this fabric, but I can handle it I am sure.  I had a lot of great comments on this already. I took a basic purse pattern and ruffled away.

Lonnnnnggggg Table Runner for a long table.

This was fun to design and make.  I thought it would be nice to make it two sided.  I do have a finished picture of this somewhere....better go look for it.  Found it!

Wild colors for Paige

This quilt is for my granddaughter Paige. She picked out the wild and loud colors. That is her!

Lucy's Pillow Power

I have been working on pillows for my granddaughter's day bed. I hope she loves them. The petal pillow is felt, the ruffled pillow is calico. You can make these fast and it looks like a lot of flash.

Fun Shower Curtains

Here is an example of 2 fast and fun shower curtains I made last year. The blue and brown curtain isn't finished yet in this picture. I keep saying I need to visit and get a picture. It is not an easy thing to walk around someone's house with a camera... ;-) The last curtain is something light that I thought would work in my small bathroom.

Disapearing Nine Patch

This quilt took me awhile to complete. It a generous king size quilt and is all hand quilted. It is for our son and daughter-in-law for Christmas.

My sister is "Hot Pink"

My sister loves pink and black. I surprised her with this lap quilt on her birthday.   

Trevor's Chicago Bear's Quilt

This quilt was a two sided quilt. This is also for a Grandson whose bedroom was in the theme of Chicago Bears. I don't have a close up with the quilting but it had hand quilted yard lines and end zones. I designed it myself.  My daughter in law and I picked out the colors and also did the bedding and curtains.  It was lost in a fire, but all the family was safe.

Kayden's Train Quilt

This train quilt was for my grandson whose daddy works for the railroad. It was fun to make a crib size.  Applique is not one of my best skills, but I was very pleased how it turned out. I love the train track border.

Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary Quilt

I needed an idea for my parents golden anniversary.  My thoughts were a gold quilt.  My Mom still displays it to this day.  

Blue Ribbon in the County Fair

This is a quilt I recieved a blue ribbon at our county fair a few years ago.  I love the pattern and colors, and I gave it to a sister-in-law for her birthday.  I wish I had time to make one for myself. You can barely see the blue ribbon at the bottom right.

Evan's All-Star Quilt

I made this quilt for my grandson Evan who enjoys sports, so I thought it was fitting. I thought it had the feel of a ball diamond. He keeps it on his bed, so I think he likes it. :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bear's Paw for Jacob

I enjoyed making this for my grandson Jacob. I thought he needed a "manly" quilt and the Bear Paw came to mind.  He enjoys the outdoors and roughing it. This was made completely from my stash.  I see him wrapped in it often to keep warm.  Although he is now over 6ft tall it needs to be larger.